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Shower safety aids are crucial bathroom assistance for the aged, disabled, and senior citizens who need them to help with demands connected to reduced mobility. The bathroom is one of the riskier rooms in a house or care facility. So offers a wide selection of bath assistance for the disabled and shower aids for the elderly. Leg cast covers, arm cast covers, bath kits, shampoo caps, hair washing trays, tissue paper, and many more items are available in the catalog of bathing aids for daily living. We offer a huge selection of high-quality bathing accessories to individuals in need.


Essential Bathing Aids to Daily Living

Leg Cast Cover

A watertight construction on the leg cast protector protects casts and bandages during washing or showering. It is constructed from long-lasting, abrasion-resistant vinyl. Also, its reusable design enables easy & one-handed application.

Arm Cast and Bandage Protector

Water-resistant polyvinyl material makes the arm cast and bandage protector. There is no requirement for pumps, straps, and adhesive tapes. Because the elastic seal opening extends to fit over the cast. Then locks back into place to fit tightly against the arm. Moreover, it is latex-free and fits the majority of adults and kids.

Bath Kit

The perfect heat therapy solution for calming and conditioning hands, feet, and elbows is the bath kit system. Additionally, it moisturizes dry and cracked ankles, feet, hands, wrists, and elbows. Also, this wax bath relaxes muscles and lessens pain from chronic joint inflammation.

Toilet Tissue Paper

Toilet paper offers a consistent blend of effectiveness, performance, and price. You would not need to place as many orders. Because it has a big capacity and each roll gives 15% more than comparable jumbo roll brands. It is a cost-effective option that is extremely soft and long-lasting due to its 2-ply construction.

Cast and Bandage Protector For Kids

Kids’ cast and bandage protectors keep casts, bandages, or wounds dry while taking showers. The carefully created opening expands to cover the cast before snapping back into place to fit snugly. You can also find a front reverse coil zipper with auto-lock rubber pull tabs and inner fused storm plackets with chin protection. Moreover, there are two front pockets with reversed coil zippers.

Bath Sponge with Handle

A bath sponge with a handle helps clean difficult-to-reach regions and conforms to the shape of the body. The bath sponges are 24 inches long overall. The washing sponge, which can absorb moisturizer and soap, is firmly fixed to the handle.

The broad, rounded shape of the bathing sponge makes it easy to access areas that are out of reach. Also, it can reach back with its tilted handle. It is a bathing sponge with a long handle and a hook. The 20-inch-long handle of the circular bathing sponge supports a round foam sponge. It is a huge 4- 3/4′′ sponge that works well with lotions, shampoo, and soap. The user can hang it in the shower or bathtub due to the hanging hook on the end.

Shampoo Cap

For someone with limited mobility, bathing is challenging. Even getting into the shower or tub can be difficult. With a shampoo cap, you would not have to get up to get running water or assemble various bathing supplies.

Hair Washing Tray

For simple shampooing, while seated, the hair washing tray accommodates the user’s neck securely and rests on their shoulders. Its small size and moderate weight reduce difficult bending for people with a limited range of motion. Moreover, the user-friendly hair washing trays are shaped to hug the user’s neck pleasantly and rest on their shoulders for simplicity.