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People of all ages and capacities benefit from aids for daily living. Utilize the proper tools to become more independent while carrying out regular duties. For instance, use a leg lifter wrap to adjust your weak leg. Or utilize a sock aid to simplify your regular dressing process. Also, organize your medication with a pill box. Seniors, people with restricted mobility, and those recovering from surgery all benefit greatly from these devices.


At, there is a wide range of economical, high-quality independent living aids. So, use these daily living aids to make your life simpler. Additionally, we provide a variety of daily living aids to assist patients with physical limitations to continue to be independent in their movement, dressing, grooming and hygiene, bathing, toileting, and self-feeding.

Various Aids to Daily Living

Pill Organizer

An ideal option for arranging your daily medicine schedule is a pill organizer. It has seven easily detachable & discrete day planners. This makes it simple to take your daily medicine schedule with you wherever you go. The seven-day planners have four tabbed compartments with easy-to-open and snap-tight closures. For those who are blind, they have raised letters and Braille indications. To assist you in adhering to the appropriate dosage sequences, it also includes a prescription management page.

Tissue Towels

The disposable tissue towels offer fluid strike-through protection. Also, these comprise deluxe 2-ply tissue with polyback. The towels feature special embossing qualities to collect. Moreover, they hold liquids and are not autoclavable. It is devoid of latex.

Pill Crusher

A simple-to-use tool refers to a pill crusher that swiftly turns pills into powder. Also, you can store whole tablets in the crusher.

Medicine Cup

German stainless steel is used to hand-craft a 2 oz. reusable graduated medicine cup. This is autoclavable and of the graduated variety. There is no usage of natural rubber latex in its production.

Hip/Knee Kit

The ideal set of accessories for those who require help with daily duties is the hip / knee kit. Each tool and accessory is essential for a variety of jobs that can be difficult for people with limited mobility. Also, for those who are recovering from surgery, and many other situations.


Bedpans are easy to move, position, and remove due to their modest size, tapering front, and molded loop handle. This slides effortlessly under the body. Moreover, the fracture-style bedpans enhance patient convenience and comfort.

Self-Transfer Aids

Patients can move securely on their own with the aid of self-transfer aids. These include swivel cushions and self-transfer boards, & much more is available at

Dressing Aids

Dressing aids help people who have trouble bending or have restricted reach to be more independent throughout the day. For those who require assistance dressing but are unable to bend, have a restricted range of motion, or can only use one arm or hand, a dressing stick may be helpful. A plastic-coated “c” hook and a push/pull hook with a unique shape are both included on the dressing stick’s opposite ends.

Bathing and Hygiene Aids

Long-handled combs and extending sponge sets help people with limited mobility. Also, they can easily do dental, grooming, and washing duties with aids to daily living.

Toileting Aids

Toileting aids assist in preserving personal cleanliness while ensuring patient comfort and privacy. For better sitting and standing, products like raised toilet seats and toilet safety frames are ideal. Moreover, wiping aids make it simpler to clean yourself without needing help.

Daily tasks should not be difficult. But for many people around the world who are coping with a variety of injuries, illnesses, or aging-related issues, they can turn into a daily struggle for independence. Daily living aids make these duties simple. Also, these help to give you the adapted equipment you need to keep your freedom.