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Products for daily living assist people with limited mobility and flexibility in daily living at home. Also, these products enable them to maintain their independence. For those with limited limb functions who find it difficult to do personal duties at home or outside, there are many different assistive devices or daily living aids available. has equipment for people who can reach and grip things. Also, supports for people who have foot and knee problems.


Additionally, there are kits available for those who have visual impairments or have difficulty bending at the hips. Select from a variety of bathing assistance, reachers, dressing aids, oral care aids, and other related daily living aids. You can get from reputable manufacturers including Drive Medical, Medline, Essential Medical, Nova, Bell-Horn, Dynarex, Mckesson, etc. Our products address all areas of concern, and our health aids help with a wide range of tasks.

These include bathing, eating, dressing, sleeping, and leisure activities. They encourage patient autonomy and let users enjoy daily activities without feeling inadequate. Consequently, whether you require rheumatoid arthritis aids for everyday life, elderly aids, disability aids, or are caring for a loved one. These things will lessen the strain of going about your regular business and assist you in overcoming obstacles.

Live Independently & Enjoy Life with These Daily Living Products

Bedroom Aids

Our bedroom daily living aids for the elderly and the disabled, such as overbed tables for reading or writing. While in bed, blanket cradles to take the weight of the blanket off your legs, bed rope ladders, and leg lifters for getting out of bed, are creative and simple to use. Our overbed tables are reliable and strong. Additionally, we provide bariatric overbed tables that can hold up to 500 lbs in weight.

Dressing Aids

You begin to grasp the wide range of movements that need to be addressed in order to be able to easily get dressed alone. There are tools available to assist in holding and pulling zippers as well as reaching zippers that are difficult to reach, like those on the back of dresses. You can easily grasp buttons and pull them through their holes with a range of basic tools. Elastic shoelaces can assist reduce the need to tie shoes at all. Moreover, long-handled shoe horns and simple-to-use sock aids can make the actual operation of putting on socks and shoes easier.

Bath Safety Aids

Bath safety aids are crucial bathroom assistance for the aged, disabled, and senior citizens who need them to help with demands connected to reduced mobility. The bathroom is one of the riskier rooms in a house or care facility. So offers a wide selection of bath assistance for the disabled and shower aids for the elderly. Leg cast covers, arm cast covers, bath kits, shampoo caps, hair washing trays, tissue paper, and many more items are available in the catalog of bathing aids for daily living. We offer a huge selection of high-quality bathing accessories to individuals in need.

Personal Care Aids

We supply dental and oral care products. Moreover, we have pill boxes with medication organizers, crushers/splitters, personal hygiene aids, and much more. Also, the section is very thorough and contains products for every circumstance.

Reachers/Reaching Aids

Our reaching aids will help you in the kitchen and elsewhere with their wire-driven jaws to fix objects in place if you have limited flexibility and are stiff. For anyone with a restricted range of motion and trouble bending, we have a selection of reachers for the elderly and disabled. These gadgets make it simple to access far-off corners and awkward locations. Reachers with spinning heads, ergonomic handles, and magnets are all available.