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Your office chair should not be so uncomfortable that it hurts. An ergonomic seat cushion is the best affordable option for purchasing a new chair. It is beneficial if your current seat does not provide supportive, comfortable cushioning for spending long hours at your desk. Furthermore, People who require wheelchairs for transportation are prone to use them for extended periods of time. So, for their comfort, seat cushions provide comfort & support. offers a broad selection of seat cushions from reputable manufacturers such as Drive Medical, Mckesson, Rose Medical, Contour, & Skil-Care.


Supportive High-Quality Foam Seat Cushions

Gel-Foam Seat Cushion

The gel-foam seat cushion gives people the support they need. Moreover, these also reduce pressure and enhance their comfort. These also reduce skin deterioration. The Gel-foam cushions combine a high-density foam body with a twin-chambered gel insert. This combination enhances patient comfort & reduces the risk of pressure injuries. Also, these ensure proper patient placement.

Wheelchair Seat Cushion

An innovative design of very robust molded foam offers the best support. Also, these provide stability and pressure redistribution for customers who are at low risk for skin breakdown. The wheelchair seat cushions satisfy flammability standard TB117. Also, these come with easy 12′′ tie straps to fasten them to wheelchairs.

Foam Cushion with Vinyl Cover

A leg abductor foam cushion comfortably maintains legs in the abducted position. Also, it prevents hip rotation and slippage. And also relieves pressure and redistributes weight. In order to prevent inner thigh rotation, enhancing sitting posture, and lessen pressure on the spine, the solid base eliminates sling-seat hammocking. For the majority of patients, use the level-based model. If forward sliding is an issue, use the wedge-based model.

Medical Seat Cushion with fluid-resistant Cover

For the user with a very low risk of skin breakdown and mild stability needs, the medical seat cushion is a soft, slightly curved, durable foam basis. The soft foam base offers support and improves seating comfort while utilizing wheelchairs with sling upholstery. By preventing moisture buildup on the foam base, a moisture-resistant cover helps with incontinence management. During use and transfers, the cushion is kept in place by its non-slip surface.

Lumbar Support Seat Cushion

For people who spend a lot of time sitting down, a lumbar support seat cushion changes an average chair. Because it offers ergonomic comfort and back support. Moreover, its gentle curve helps to maintain good posture while also reducing back pain.

Toilet Seat Cushion

Toilet seat cushion offers height for people with restricted movement. Also, it fits most standard-sized toilet seats with ease. White vinyl covers the foam padding of the cushion. The hook and loop straps on the toilet cushions allow for simple attachment to the majority of the toilet and commode seats.

Back Support Seat Cushion

High-density polyurethane foam in the back support seat cushion conforms to provide support to the lumbar region. Also, it is ergonomically engineered to help keep the spine in good alignment. This offers additional support and comfort. The movable safety straps help to keep the head, neck, and lower back in the proper alignment. Moreover, this provides additional security and encourages better posture.

Donut Seat Cushion

The donut seat cushion gives you the best support and comfort when you’re sitting. The discomfort and pressure brought on by hemorrhoid surgery can be effectively relieved by it. With an open center made of molded foam and an ergonomic design, it lessens pressure-point discomfort.

Bariatric Gel Seat Cushion with Foam

Avoid, treat, and manage pressure sores with the aid of the bariatric gel seat cushion. Its stretchy, low-shear nylon cover is breathable & cozy. Also, it has a hardy, gray bottom for enhanced skin protection. Its low-maintenance, waterproof construction handles spill, sweat, and incontinence concerns enabling one to detach it for easy machine washing.