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Some wheelchair users lean forward while others may slump, bringing their buttocks up against the front edge. Sitting with poor posture can exacerbate current injuries and lead to new ones. Whether you’re healing from an injury or living with a permanent disability. Thankfully, positioning cushions are beneficial products available.

These cushions are intended to address postural discrepancies before they become a problem. As opposed to comfort cushions, which make the user feel comfortable during prolonged sitting. They are typically curved or tilted to discourage users from adopting positions. These can put an unnecessary amount of stress on their bodies. The top positioning cushions are available at Riteway Medical from leading manufacturers like BodyMed, Carex, Essential, Mckesson, Vive Health, Essential Medical Supply, Live Health Smart, etc.


Positioning Cushions That Support & Provide Comfort

Foam Head Cradle Positioner

The foam head cradle positioner offers comfortable head and neck immobilization. Moreover, these are useful in lateral & supine positions. These include quality memory foam for improved comfort and pressure reduction. To lessen pressure sores, the center has a T-shaped cutout.

Foam Positioner Wedge

For elevating the head, foot, or leg, a foam positioner bed wedge is cozy and convenient. Its steady slope lessens neck and shoulder strain while easing breathing difficulties. Also, it includes a machine-washable, removable, zippered polyester or cotton cover. It will increase blood circulation and relieve back pressure. Moreover, it aids in the relief of back pain, acid reflux, neck and shoulder pain, and respiratory issues. The gentle slope makes it comfortable and reduces body aches and pains.

Head Positioner with Tube Access

It is pleasant to immobilize the head and neck with a head positioner with tube access. In prone, lateral, or supine postures, one can employ it. Although the head position is maintained, it is meant to adapt to delicate facial features. By using a particularly soft cushion as a support, this head positioner maximizes comfort. Moreover, it also relieves strain on the patient’s face and eyes.

Foam Free-standing Positioner Wedge

The purpose of the foam free-standing positioner wedge is to encourage good hip-spine alignment. Also, lessen sacral pressure in order to prevent the development of pressure sores. And to speed up the healing of already present sores. The positioning wedge is more stable than a pillow because it is comfortable and safe. Using a spray-and-wipe cleaner, one can clean the positioning wedge or can use a non-chlorine disinfectant to clean it.

C-Shaped Body Pillow

The C-shaped full-body pillow is made to encircle your complete body. In order to properly reduce discomfort, it supports the head, neck, shoulders, hips, back, and knees. The pillow conforms to the shape of the body. Also, one can simply adjust it to get more comfort and support while maintaining the proper alignment of the spine. For maximum comfort and convenience, the hypoallergenic cover is machine washable and has a zipper. This flexible and fluffy c-shaped pillow offers cozy body support. This pillow makes it perfect for users of all sensitivity levels.

Bed Wedge

Leg rest bed wedgeelevation pillow provides the most comfortable and personalized experience. One can utilize it to raise the legs or to sit up. Depending on which way the wedge is turned, there are three incline levels that are conceivable. Comfortable memory foam in the pillow conforms to the body while keeping its original shape over time.

Body Positioner Wedge

With the help of these body positioners, you can keep your comfortable sleeping position. Additionally, the durable polyurethane foam used in the construction of this patient positioner offers excellent comfort. The positioner and 45-degree positioning wedge will assist you in keeping your hips and shoulders in line. This is ideal for side-lying. Additionally, the patient positioner includes a bacteriostatic, waterproof nylon cover. This is simple to clean and stops bacteria from proliferating.