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Back cushions provide comfort from backaches, lower lumbar pain, and discomfort from hemorrhoids and injuries. There are many different shapes and styles available on our website. Moreover, all back cushions are cost-effective and simple to maintain. Pick from the assortment of backrest cushions to use in your house, car, or place of business from Riteway Medical.


Back Cushions That Offer Comfort & Support

Back Support Cushion

High-density polyurethane foam fits to give support to the lumbar region. The seat back support cushion helps to keep the spine in normal alignment. Also, the movable safety straps help to keep the head, neck, and lower back in the proper alignment. These provide additional security and encourage better posture. Additionally, it is the perfect tool to use when one is seated for a long period of time. These include when using wheelchairs, office chairs, and other furniture.

Orthopedic Back Rest

A backrest is a back support pillow that aids in maintaining proper sitting posture for people with lower back problems. Simply use elastic strapping to fasten the contoured backrests to practically any seat. In addition, people who are healing from back surgery or injuries can use contoured back rests. Also, support for the lower spine benefits from it. For people recuperating from back surgery or trauma, it offers additional padding or support.

Lumbar Support

Lumbar support comforts your lower back in just the right way. Moreover, it relieves pressure on the lower spine and encourages a forward curve for a good sitting posture. To keep you and your back in good health, carry this lumbar support cushion with you everywhere you go. Furthermore, the natural S-curve of the lower back is supportive, which helps with posture. Back mobility is encouraged by panels that bend inward.

Back cushions are available from a wide range of brands at All are experts in producing these cushions. So, browse a wide selection of products to find the ones that best meet your needs. We include brands of back cushions namely Advanced Orthopaedics, Mckesson, & Nova.