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Products for relieving pressure make patients more comfortable. Also, there is an improvement in their problems. With the help of effective pressure relief products, the patient can move around. Moreover, the skin is not constantly squeezed between the bone and the mattress or chair. A variety of cushions and supporting solutions are available from to provide comfort and relieve pressure.

In order to provide more comfort and relief, we have divided our category into cushions. This category comprises a variety of pressure relief cushions or pillows, including foam chair cushions, foam pressure reliefs, gel-foam-air pressure relief, positioning cushions, and many others.


Products for pressure relief are becoming more and more common in both homes and healthcare institutions. Additionally, these items are useful to stop pressure sores or ulcers. These painkillers or cushions are offered by us from leading manufacturers like Essential Medical Supply, Live HealthSmart, Contour, Rose, Drive Medical, Nova, Posey, Mckesson, and many others.

Cushions That Provide Relief From Problems

Wheelchair Gel Cushion

Gel wheelchair cushions ease pressure points and relieve pain for those using wheelchairs, chairs, and other stationary objects. For users who sit for long periods of time, the chair cushion or pillows’ aqueous, non-toxic bladder offers improved comfort and pressure alleviation.  There is a washable, detachable cover with a foam seat cushion. A chair cushion specifically supports wheelchair users while they sit in a more comfortable position. The bladder portion of a gel wheelchair cushion is often filled with either pure silicone gel or a mixture of silicone-based gels.

Gel-Foam Seat Cushion

The gel-foam seat cushion gives people the support they need. Moreover, these also reduce pressure and enhance their comfort. These are also beneficial to decrease skin deterioration. The NYOrtho gel-foam cushions combine a high-density foam body with a twin chambered gel insert. This combination enhances patient comfort. Additionally, these reduce the risk of pressure injuries and ensure proper patient placement.

Positioning Cushion

You can correct your spine and lessen lower-body pain with the use of a knee pillow. The premium memory foam used to create the knee pillow with a cover for sleeping responds swiftly. Moreover, these provide relief right away and recover gradually to provide support over the long term. It is ergonomically made to provide spinal alignment and lessen leg and lower back pain. It is the best option for comfort and enhanced support both during and after pregnancy. Additionally, there is a soft, detachable cover for machine washing with the knee elevation pillow.

The 16 L x 13 W inch polyurethane foam and tubular roll neck support make up the cervical positioner foam roll. Also, it has a cover. For spasms and pressure on the nerve roots, it is advisable to employ a pillowless position rather than a normal one.

Back Support Cushion

High-density polyurethane foam gives support to the lumbar region. These back support cushions help to keep the spine in normal alignment. The adjustable safety straps uphold the proper alignment & provide additional security. Furthermore, these encourage better posture for the head, neck, and lower back.

The medical cushions will offer more than enough pillow support. With our large assortment of medical pillows, providing the appropriate kind of cushion support is hassle-free and practical. Browse our well-liked medical cushions today to find the ideal body pillow for your particular and unique needs!

Medical Cushions

Medical pillows are decorative items for beds that offer support and comfort. In fact, medical pillows help to avoid a number of common illnesses, particularly neck and back pain. Medical cushions support the head, neck, and shoulders from a physical perspective. Moreover, these maintain everything in harmony, reducing tension and stress, and balancing particular areas. Medical cushions provide comfort from a personal perspective. Also, this helps in getting good sleep and feeling rested.

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