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Pressure relief products are designed to help ease the conditions of the patient, by improving their comfort. Also, reducing not needed strain which might have previously been placed. These pressure reliefs product moves the patient so the skin not constantly compressed between the bone and the mattress or chair. RiteWay Medical Provides a range of cushions and supporting products to improve comfort and provide pressure relief.


Even more, We provide convenience to you. Because we have separated our category into cushions for added comfort and relief. This category includes various types of pressure relievers or cushions such as Foam & Sheepskin Pressure Reliever, Foam Chair Cushions, Foam Pressure Reliefs, Gel-Foam-Air pressure relief, Positioning Cushions and many more. 

Pressure Relief Products are increasingly popular in both medical facilities and homes. Also, these products used for preventing pressure ulcers or pressure sores. We provides these pain reliever or cushions from top manufacturing brands like Essential Medical, HealthSmart, Contour, Rose, Drive medical and Coccyx or kabooti and many more.

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