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A pair of underarm pads, a pair of hand grips, and a pair of crutch tips are included in the crutch accessory kit. Crutches can be simply handed from user to user. Because one person fully recovers from their lower extremity injury and another person encounters one. To keep the crutches clean for their future user, replacement grips and pads are available at Riteway Medical. Replacement crutch tips make it possible to move around more easily and uniformly while also helping to soften the impact on the joints.


Despite being durable, crutches’ underarm padding, hand grips, and crutch tips can all lose their effectiveness over time. Crutches are an essential aid for those recovering from lower extremity injuries. The crutch frames, however, are incredibly strong and rarely break. The points of the crutch can get rough and scrapped when one wears it on unlevel surfaces such as concrete sidewalks. Thus, this makes them more likely to grab on carpet fibers and less stable on smoother flooring. The crutch can continue to support mobility evenly and smoothly with replacement tips. The use of crutches is difficult on the joints. Because they absorb less stress as they deteriorate.

Crutch Accessories

Arm Pads for Crutches

In addition to protecting the shoulder joints from shock when using crutches, the underarm pads are comfortable for use. These can become less comfortable and wear out over time. As they will wear under the armpits, where sweat tends to collect, they can also easily soil. Crutches can be handed down from family members and friends. And acquiring new arm pads makes the crutch more hygienic for the new user. There are two types of arm pads available for crutches at

  • Foam Pads: Due to their inexpensive cushioning qualities, the foam pads make up the majority of crutch padding. Although foam may harden over time, it is inexpensive and simple to replace. The foam comprises a skin-friendly, latex-free substance.
  • Gel Pads: The supple glycerin gel material is a comfortable replacement pad material that holds up well to heavy use. While gel pads cost more than foam pads, they would not break down or develop hard places over time.

Crutches Hand Grips

The hand grips are easy to hold onto and make using crutches less stressful on the wrists. In addition, just like with underarm pads, hands can carry various bacteria and germs in addition to perspiration over time. Also, this diminishes the cushiony sensation and makes it less comfortable to handle.

Crutch Tips

Crutch tips are useful for gripping a crutch mobility aid or crutch accessories. These also come with cushion padding. Also, it is compatible with various types of crutches available at top brands. You have the option to choose crutch tips from black or gray.

To increase the lifespan of the walking crutch and guarantee comfort during the healing process, Riteway Medical has a large selection of universal replacement crutch armpit pads and crutch handle pads. Invest in crutch pillows to relieve armpit pressure. The pillows’ moisture-wicking fabric helps to prevent sweating and keep the skin dry. You can easily clean & maintain the pillows because they are machine washable.