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Invacare, Drive Medical, and Mckesson create a comprehensive range of top-quality patient lifts for use in hospitals or at home that is available through Riteway Medical. These patient lifting devices for home usage, also refer to as medical lifts, are available to raise non-ambulatory patients. These are available in order to make them mobile and prevent accidents from falls. Some people may be ambulatory yet unable to get up from a sitting or lying down position and stand. Therefore, when transferring a patient from one location to another, having efficient medical equipment is ideal, such as a patient lifting device.



Trapeze provides dependable help for body movements while in bed, including raising and lowering. A hospital bed trapeze makes it easier for bedridden patients to change positions and move in and out of their beds. Also, refer to an overhead trapeze or a medical trapeze. In order to allow users to hold the bar and move their bodies, this specialized medical equipment often comprises some form of a hanging bar in a triangle shape.

Types Of Trapeze & Patient Lifts

Battery-Powered Patient Lift

A patient can be safely and comfortably moved from one resting position to another with the help of a battery-powered patient lift. Also, it can hoist and lower people weighing up to 450 lbs. with the greatest strength because of its heavy-gauge construction and 6-point cradle design.

Hydraulic Patient Lift

Patient lifting requires less physical effort with manual hydraulic patient lifts since lift capabilities are optimized. For safe and gentle movement, it has high-performance hydraulics. It boasts a 6-point cradle design and a robust, silver vein steel construction. With its utmost strength, it can lift and lower people weighing up to 450 lbs.

Trapeze Bar with Trapeze

Patients can alter their positions while in bed with the aid of a trapeze bar and handle. And they can shift from beds to chairs with the least amount of help from caregivers. A pin ties the two mast sections together on the trapeze bar for hospital beds, and a horizontal bar makes sure the two mast pieces are correctly aligned and fastened.

A horizontal bar that divides the opening of the bar handle provides a second-hand grasp while also narrowing the opening. The two-piece trapeze fits the Invacare 7714P floor stand and assembles rapidly.

Medical trapezes also provide caretakers with a number of benefits. By using this device, patients may support themselves more easily and safely. Also, this reduces the amount of assistance that a caregiver provides. For instance, changing a patient’s position or getting them in and out of bed for activities. These include showering, going to the bathroom, and other outings. offers a vast selection of high-quality patient lifts and trapezes from top manufacturers including Invacare, Drive Medical, and Mckesson.