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With the variety of safety alarms and fall prevention equipment, patient safety is hassle-free and easy. To improve patient care, we provide a choice of door and bed alarms. Motion through entrances is monitored by a door alarm. The door alarm will promptly alert a caregiver that a patient or loved one is leaving a room whenever the sensor detects a motion.


A bed alarm for patient care is available if you require a finer level of detection. A bed alarm is a personal alarm that enables a caregiver to keep track of a patient’s activities while they are in bed. This kind of alarm often attaches to a bed sensor or bed pad. Moreover, these work by sensing a decrease in pressure. When the pressure releases from the sensor, a bed pad basically sounds the alarm.

Types Of Patient Alerts & Safety

Finding the ideal option for your loved ones or particular patient safety requirements is simple due to the large variety of patient alarm systems available at Riteway Medical. There are several alarms and alarm methods available for patient safety alerts. In order to select the appropriate alarm system that would not make your patients more agitated or afraid, you must first evaluate your specific situation. There are several different activation systems for patient safety alarms, while chair pad alarms, bed alarms, and seat belt alarms are among the most popular designs. These consist of:

Wireless alarms

Wireless alarms are an effective way to secure a patient’s living space without having to physically attach an alarm to the patient, bed, or chair. Also, these patient alerts & safety radiate a wide, unseen barrier of protection.

Pull-cord alarms

Pull-cord alarms include a pin-style activation cord that pulls when the patient moves. Also, remove the pin from the unit to activate the alarm signal. They can clip to a chair or bed.

Pressure-sensitive alarms

When a patient gets out of the chair or bed, pressure-sensitive alarms sound. For instance, a pressure-sensitive pad that positions beneath or behind the patient connects to an audio alert. This can either sound where the patient is located or at the location of the caregiver. Additionally, there are pressure-sensitive floor mats that are typically put next to the bed, where the patient would stand when getting out of bed.

Seat belt alarms

When the belt unbuckles, seat belt alarms go off. Similar to breakaway lap pillows, breakaway lap cushions have a magnetic strap. And releases on one side when the patient stands up, setting off the alarm. Wheelchair alarms exist in a variety of designs.

Your patient safety alarm requirements are fulfilled at’s extensive variety from leading manufacturers like Medline, Mckesson, Dynarex, Drive Medical, & Nova, including bed alarms, mobility monitors, and door alarms. Browse our collection of alarms and fall-prevention equipment today. And find the ideal patient safety products for your unique need!