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For people of all ages, including children, adults, and the elderly, bed safety rails increase stability and safety. In addition, the collection of bed rails for the elderly at will protect you, a patient, or a loved one from injuries caused by falls, particularly at night. The twin, queen, and king-size beds are all compatible with bed safety rails.
Moreover, these rails will also work with the majority of manual hospital beds as well as full- and semi-electric electric beds. Our assortment of bed safety rails is excellent and easily accessible for you to purchase, regardless of the type of bed that you, a patient, or a loved one are using.

Bed safety rails also refer to as bed assist rails offer stability for people who require help getting into and out of bed or changing postures while in bed. You can safely attach bed-aid rails to the floor or the bed.


Types of Bed Rails

Bed Cane with Pouch

Unique bedside safety handle, the bed cane with pouch enables users to enter and exit their beds safely. For ultimate comfort, the ergonomic, non-slip handle is height-adjustable. Also, they offer a low profile & comfortable grip. For safety and comfort, the wooden platform offers a solid and sturdy hold. You can find a free organizer pouch with the bed cane to make it easier to keep belongings nearby while you sleep. For added stability, the bed cane also has a safety strap that fastens to the bed frame.

Bedside Econorail

The smallest and most reliable bed rail available is the bedside econorail. It weighs less than 2 lbs and can sustain over 300 lbs. Because it comprises aircraft-grade, hardened anodized aluminum. Transfers into and out of bed can be done comfortably due to the full-size cushion handle. The Econorail comes with a carrying case that can be used for travel when collapsed. There is an organizer pocket to keep essentials handy. The majority of conventional household beds can accommodate the bedside rail.

Sofa & Lift Chair

You can stand with confidence by using a sofa and lift chair. These are beneficial if you or someone you care about has difficulty getting up from a chair, couch, or recliner. It is ideal for people who are healing from surgery & experiencing back discomfort. Moreover, they are appropriate for those who have lower-set couches that are difficult to stand from. To provide comfort on any cushion, an adjustable standing mobility aid for couch chairs, sofas, and living room grab bars adjusts in height, width, and depth. The height of the cushioned handles and legs is simply adjustable to match your chair and personal preferences.

In addition to being easily accessible, these bed rails for adults are excellent for people who are prone to unease and instability and roll or tumble out of bed. Adult bed rails can also be used to help patients who may require extra stability. Also, adult bedside railings can useful as bed rails for elderly people. But the main function of each of these bedside rails is to reduce falls. With a bed aid rail, you can create and improve patient safety and fall prevention. Take a look at our large assortment of rails right away.