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Convalescence is another word for recovering or healing. Convalescent care also refers to as rehabilitation care, is, therefore, care provided to older people who are recovering from an illness, an accident, or a medical procedure. Convalescent care is short-term care that a team of medical professionals offers. In contrast to typical elder care choices, the majority of these products give care on a long-term basis.


Convalescent care can range from a few days to a few months. It depends on the seriousness of the condition and the required time for recovery. Although convalescent care facilities offer treatment at a lower level than hospitals, they nonetheless provide competent care and rehabilitative services. Convalescent care is frequently a type of temporary care given following a hospital stay but before returning home.

Convalescent Care Products

Bed rails, convalescent personal care, homecare beds, and mattresses, overbed tables, patient alerts and safety, seat lift chairs, and trapeze & patient lifts are just a few of the convalescent care products available on You may find cost-effective, high-quality solutions for all of your home healthcare needs. Also take care of furniture, such as bed rails and protectors. All age groups, including toddlers, adults, and the elderly, can protect themselves from fall injuries by bed rails.

Bed Rails

For people of all ages, including children, adults, and the elderly, bed safety rails increase stability and safety. In addition, the collection of bed rails for the elderly at will protect you, a patient, or a loved one from injuries caused by falls, particularly at night. The twin, queen, and king-size beds are all compatible with bed safety rails.

Homecare Beds & Mattresses

Patients can obtain medical attention from the convenience of their own homes due to homecare equipment. Selecting the appropriate parts is crucial when it comes to homecare furniture. A wide variety of equipment is available at Riteway Medical to make any homecare environment both comfortable and useful. In addition to homecare beds, we have a large selection of air, inner-spring, and foam medical mattresses.

Overbed Tables

Overbed tables offer a comfortable option to eat, read, and write for persons who must spend a lot of time in bed. They enable quick access to objects and gadgets. Also, they are frequently used in bed without having to leave the warm covers. These tables are useful to keep a user’s laptop, phone, food, drink, and book close to hand.

Patient Alerts & Safety

With the variety of safety alarms and fall prevention equipment, patient safety is hassle-free and easy. To improve patient care, we provide a choice of door and bed alarms. Motion through entrances is monitored by a door alarm. The door alarm will promptly alert a caregiver that a patient or loved one is leaving a room whenever a sensor detects a motion.

A doctor typically prescribes and oversees a patient’s care plans. The ultimate objective of all convalescent care facilities is to assist patients in resuming their independent lifestyles.