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In order to improve circulation, venous blood flow velocity, and valve effectiveness while decreasing the diameter of dilated veins, unisex stocking is specialized elastic hosiery. Wear socks that are tight at the ankles and gradually go progressively looser higher up the calf. This gently squeezes the legs to flow blood up the legs. Also, this prevents swelling and venous stasis and relieves discomfort from heavy and aching legs.


Availability of Unisex compression stockings

Compression stockings are available in various compression levels and use mmHg as the unit of measurement for pressure. Because they comprise elastic fibers to aid in circulation. The compression settings are 15-20 mmHg, 20-30 mmHg, and 30-40 mmHg on a doctor’s advice. As compression stockings come in so many different colors, designs, and sizes, it is impossible to tell them apart from conventional hosiery or socks.

Moreover, unisex stockings also come in gradient and anti-embolism varieties. Gradient compression stockings treat circulation issues brought on by dysfunctional leg vein valves. The compression level of these stockings is designed to be at its maximum around the ankle and to gradually decrease as it rises to the top of the hose. Those who are prone to blood clots, lower limb edema, and blood pooling in the legs and feet from protracted periods of inactivity or sitting are often advised to use them. But these stockings can also be useful for athletes.

Which Medical Conditions Benefit from Compression Stockings?

You can use unisex compression stocking for:

  • Sometimes deep vein thrombosis may be the reason for fatigued, painful legs brought on by sluggish blood flow in the legs. DVT may result in blood clot development.
  • When a lack of blood flow results in tissue fluid or blood pooling in the legs, a unisex stocking may help.
  • Chronic peripheral venous insufficiency occurs when the veins are unable to pump blood back to the heart.
  • When varicose veins first appear. They are an externally evident symptom of venous weakening and would not go away on their own.
  • If spider veins are apparent. They are the tiniest blood veins and glisten through the skin in a bluish or reddish hue.
  • When a body component swells as a result of an unusual buildup of lymph fluid, also refers to as lymphedema. Swelling in the arms, legs, neck, or abdomen results from the interruption of the lymph fluid’s regular flow back into the circulation.
  • When phlebitis has become an issue. This occurs when a vein becomes inflamed and clots as a result of trauma, infection, or inflammation. The leg veins are where it occurs most frequently.
  • When a traveler’s blood flow becomes sluggish because of gravity, the length of the flight, or their inactivity. This refers to the economy class syndrome.
  • When lipodermatosclerosis, an inflammation of subcutaneous fat, occurs.
  • Because of the release of hormones and the uterus’ expansion during pregnancy. This puts strain on the main vein carrying blood back to the heart.

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