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Compression stockings that reach the thigh are the best option for men who have medical issues above the calf. This may involve swelling above the knee or the development of varicose veins above the knee. You can get the ideal pair of socks for your requirements. You can choose from our large selection of brands and compression levels. Men’s thigh-high compression stockings from are chosen for their ability to provide both efficient medical-grade compression and discrete styling.


Men may wear them underneath pants to resemble cozy opaque socks. These thigh-high compression stockings range in strength from low 15-20 mmHg to high 30-40 mmHg. Also, they are chosen from top brand names such as Jobst at competitive pricing. Thigh-high compression socks will improve circulation while easing tiredness in the legs and reducing edema.

Conditions Frequently Needing Thigh-High Compression Stockings

  • Edema that is affecting the entire leg reduces.
  • Treat venous conditions that affect the upper leg and foot.
  • Alleviate legs that feel heavy and exhausted.
  • Treat leg ulcers brought on by stasis.

Types of Men’s Thigh High

Thigh High Ribbed Compression Stockings

Gradient compression therapy is delivered via thigh-high ribbed compression stockings. Soft microfibers wick away moisture & keep legs and feet cooler and dryer. Also, the silicone band holds stockings up without restricting or pinching. These thigh high stockings have a strengthened heel that can withstand wear from shoes. Moreover, these socks have an appealing ribbed design. So, this keeps them up without binding or pinching throughout the day.

Thigh High Standard Compression Stockings

Standard compression stockings that reach the thigh resemble men’s dress socks. A compression sock can help with mild lymphedema and edema. These dress socks-style compression stockings provide gradient compression therapy without sacrificing their attractive appearance. The traditional ribbed look and feel of this compression sock offer both style and durability. These comprise anti-bacterial fabric, which lessens odors. You can wear these compression stockings all day long due to the comfortable knee band and breathable, moisture-regulating knit material of the Jobst for Men model.

Your decision to purchase compression apparel will probably depend on a combination of personal preference and/or a physician’s recommendation. You will be assisting in enhancing your circulation and lowering the risk of blood clots whether you select men’s thigh-high compression stockings or another length. However, before buying compression apparel for medical reasons, we always urge that you speak with your doctor because they may have special advice based on your condition.