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Compression sock accessories can extend the life of your medical compression wear while avoiding snags and material tears. Anyone with problems adapting may find it challenging to put on compression socks. But it can be more challenging when the compression is high. There are several kinds of stocking aids that let you put on socks without bending at the hip. Devices like the Jobst compression stocking aid donner are well-liked. Because they demand less strength and effort to use than donning gloves.


Accessorize Your Stockings

The right Compression sock accessories can make all the difference in how simple and easy it is to wear your compression stockings. It will not only be simpler for you. But it will also result in a higher rate of patient compliance with wearing these essential medical devices. Consider the following as possible accessories:

Orthopedic Compression Stockinette

Orthopedic Compression makes the skin stay dry and cool when wearing stockinette acrylic fabric. You can stretch it to a width that is more than twice as large. Casting materials are made of synthetics and plaster. It does not include natural rubber latex. Stockinette is composed of synthetic material to wick moisture away from the skin for quick evaporation. It offers an initial surface that is smooth for casting.

Adhesive Roll-On Lotion

The roll-on adhesive can assist keep your compression stockings in place when it becomes challenging to do so. It aids in maintaining the positioning of any compression garment. Also, it is odorless and simple to clean with water. They are available for both men’s and women’s compression socks. A support sock and stocking accessory, the roll-on lotion application holds medical apparel, support stockings, and appliances to the skin without the risk of causing irritation. It is water-soluble for simple cleanup and gentle enough to not irritate the skin. This compression stocking adhesive is simple to remove. Simply use a moist rag to clean the affected area.

Compression Stocking Aid Donner

It is a tool for aiding in the wearing of socks or compression stockings. Wearing stocking socks is simple with these compression stockings. This straightforward wireframe enables you to set the stocking on the frame with ease. Then just insert your foot and leg inside the stocking. In contrast to pushing and tugging to put on a stocking, it is like stepping into one. The challenging task of putting on compression stockings is made simple. With this device, putting on stockings is simple even for those who have trouble reaching their feet.

Patients with arthritis also discover how much easier life is due to this compression stocking. Because they are no longer anxious to put on their stockings. Both closed-toe stocking and open-toe stocking designs are compatible with this device. You can use the Donner while comfortably seated.

Patients with circulation problems in their legs may find compression stockings of utmost priority. These medical aids are more effective for individuals who genuinely require them if they are easy to put on, which can boost compliance. Find what works for you and follow your doctor’s instructions when using compression stockings!