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By increasing one’s base of support, using a walking cane enhances balance. When used appropriately, canes can reduce the weight on the leg that is across from the hand holding the cane by up to 25%. This will enable you to move around securely while relieving pressure from wounded body parts or promoting optimal healing.

A large selection of distinctive walking canes is available on They come in a wide range of stylish colors and patterns. For maximum comfort, a solid base of support, a palm grip, and greater balance, our fashionable walking canes come with soft Hypalon, ergonomic cushioned, wood, or round handles. Most varieties also come with an adjustable walking feature and a handy wrist strap. All canes are capable of being used as long-term walking supports and are intended to function as bariatric walking canes.


Types of Walking Canes

Riteway Medical offers a variety of cane types, each of which offers a slightly different level of support. Your cane should be appropriate for your present needs and functional level. When you use a cane that is not suitable for you, you run the risk of developing bad walking habits and suffering injuries from falls.

Folding T-Handle Canes

For those who have discomfort, weakness, or minor balance concerns that make walking challenging, a folding T-handle cane provides a suitable, cost-effective, and lightweight mobility option. The standard-style aluminum walking stick is more flexible. Also, it is easily usable in narrow locations, such as stairwells. You can easily pack & store folding walking sticks. Because they break down into four manageable pieces and come with a plastic carry box. Aluminum walking sticks made of lightweight material are perfect for people with weak upper bodies.

Adjustable Walking Canes

Scientific engineering was used to design the orthopedic adjustable walking cane to hasten to heal and shorten recovery times for the body. It offers the body greater comfort and support. In order to guarantee outstanding quality and longevity, only the highest grade materials are used.

Travel Seat Cane

You can offer yourself a front-row seat whenever, wherever with the travel seat cane. Folding seat canes are portable, lightweight, and simple to use. The lightweight, foldable travel folding seat canes weigh 2.5 pounds and comprise of aluminum. It is strong and has a cozy sling-style seat. Also, it is perfect for athletic events and other gatherings.

Palm Handle Canes

Palm handles canes are a terrific alternative to traditional cane handles as they are much more comfortable. The broad palm surface and anatomical shape offer additional support to lessen hand strain and fatigue. For those who have arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome, the palm handle is extremely useful.

Travel Folding Canes

An extensible, rubber-handled walking stick with five different height settings refers to a travel folding cane. Both persons with a dominant hand and those without it can utilize this bariatric walking cane. Bariatric walking travel canes include a folding feature that enables them to be quickly and conveniently tucked away in a pocket, bag, or drawer for storage or when traveling. This walking stick features an ergonomically designed rubber grip and a strong, soft rubber tip for added comfort and safety. It is made of solid, lightweight aluminum.

Wooden Canes

Wooden walking canes with a rounded handle are a great option. This support cane has a round grip for secure holding and convenience and is available in a black hardwood walking cane. To grip any walking surface, it has a 1-inch rubber tip at the base. Also, it may also shrink down to a smaller size at 36″ in height.

You should be able to move around easier if you use a cane or other assistance equipment when walking. Moreover, you may ensure that you will securely navigate the city with a low risk of injury by selecting the ideal walking cane for you.