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A mobility aid that helps with walking and movement is a quad cane. It resembles a regular cane, except instead of having four wooden feet, it has a metal base on the bottom. Rubber coverings on these feet help prevent floor slipping. Typically made of lightweight aluminum, quad canes are adjustable by pressing a small button. Browse a selection of quad canes in a range of sizes and styles from some of the leading mobility product manufacturers, including Nova, Essential Medical Supply, Drive Medical, Mckesson, Carex, and Roscoe Medical.


Who Should Use Quad Canes?

Your legs could occasionally feel weak after an illness or damage to one or both of them. You may be unable to walk normally due to this weakness. A prolonged period of bed rest or immobility may cause alterations in your stability. You can walk independently and safely with the assistance of a quad cane. A quad cane has the benefit of offering good steadiness.

In contrast to a regular or wheeled walker, quad canes are also useful on stairs. A quad cane can be positioned next to you while you’re sitting without falling over. Use caution while getting out of a chair after sitting. Because the quad cane can fall over. Grab the handle first & then stand up.

Selecting Quad Canes

When selecting a quad cane, it’s crucial to consult your doctor and physical therapist to determine if a quad cane with a small base or a large base is appropriate for you. Which is best for you will often depend on your strength and balance restrictions. A large base quad cane can be the ideal option if you have substantial weakness or balance issues. A small base quad cane is the ideal option if your weakness and balance restrictions are limited.

A quad cane may be necessary if you are currently using a regular walker or wheeled walker to walk. Make sure to ask your doctor and physical therapist if a quad cane is a right choice for you. You can learn how to use a quad cane properly from your physical therapist. Generally, you should use your opposing leg to advance the quad cane.


Make sure the quad cane is the right size for you before using it to walk. Almost all are movable. To adjust, merely press the staff’s tiny button. Stand next to the cane with your arm by your side to ensure that it is the right size. Make sure someone is around to help you if standing is difficult for you. Your wrist should be level with the handle on the top of the cane. You should have a small bend in your elbow when holding the handle.

How to Walk With a Quad Cane?

Follow these easy instructions to walk while using a quad cane:

  • With one hand, hold the cane. Then hold the cane in the hand that is opposite the weak leg if you have one.
  • The quad cane should be moved forward about an arm’s length. To prevent tipping, make sure the quad cane’s four legs are firmly planted on the ground.
  • Then move forward on your weaker leg.
  • To increase stability, gently press your hand into the quad cane’s handle. Just slightly step your second leg past the first foot.
  • Continue this cycle.

If you have an injury or are sick, you can experience weakness or balance problems that make it difficult for you to walk. A quad cane is a great tool to use to make sure you can walk independently and safely. Make sure your physical therapist assists you in setting up your quad cane and avoiding typical issues people make when using a cane.