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You may find that using a cane makes getting around easier, safer, and less painful. Canes are easy to use as mobility aids, and suppliers of safety equipment have created specialized accessories to make using a cane even simpler and more practical. Riteway Medical offers various cane accessories at reasonable costs. Also, enabling you to maintain your independence and keep moving around.


Types of Cane Accessories

Cane Tips

The canes tips are made entirely of natural rubber. They are strengthened with metal as well. Most canes can use these tips. Additionally, their tips offer traction that is skid-resistant. In addition, they have latex-free polymer. You can use a replacement tip to renew your cane or crutches and increase their lifespan.

Cane Strap

The cane strap attaches to any cane quickly and safely. This hook-and-loop-attached nylon strap measures 9 inches. 50 inches is the length of the DMI cane strap. The wrist is nicely covered by the straps. It is compatible with most wooden canes or steel canes.

Walking Cane Replacement Wrist Strap

A wrist strap for canes refers to a walking cane replacement made for people who have trouble walking or keeping their balance. This strap fits most brands and fastens to the front of most offset cane handles. It will fit the majority of offset cane brands. This cane strap is free of latex.

Cane Holder for Rollator and Folding Walker

With the aid of a walking cane holder for a rollator and folding walker, you can now completely maximize your mobility by using both your walker and cane together. Thus, no more messing about with your walker and cane, trying to figure out where to put it. Furthermore, you can equip any walker with a walking cane holder. Also, this gives your cane a wonderful and safe place to live. Your cane is really simple to take out for usage and equally simple to put back in its holders. Only canes with a 7/8″ diameter will fit in the cane holders.

Ice Attachment for Cane

Walking safely on ice and snow is made possible by a cane attachment for ice. It easily attaches to the majority of 3/4″ shaft canes. Also, it has 5 stainless steel prongs for added stability. Moreover, these cane accessories give you more confidence when using a cane on ice or snow. When you enter the room, you can flip up the locking hinged device. Furthermore, most canes and crutches can simply equip with these cane accessories.

Cane Holder

Most standing canes can easily attach to a cane holder. You can hang canes on worktops, tables, chairs, and other surfaces. Furthermore, these cane holders stand upright and work well in dining establishments, hotels, and homes.

Cane Replacement Handles

If you have balance problems, grip strength challenges, or mobility problems, cane replacement handles are an excellent attachment to help you control a cane or walker. Most brands of offset canes will fit with handles and wrists. Moreover, its handles are free of latex.