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Whether walking inside or outside, canes offer support. The use of a cane may be necessary for individuals who are elderly, disabled, recovering from surgery, or recovering from an injury. There are many different designs and arrangements of canes. Walking canes, the most popular type of assistive mobility aid, improve balance and lower the risk of falling. A cane for walking can extend the base of support when it is fitted properly and used, which lessens the load placed on the feet, ankles, knees, and hips.


Undoubtedly, a walking cane can offer a simple-to-use solution for seniors living at home independently and for persons of any age who require some walking assistance, whether it is for temporary or permanent mobility support. Riteway Medical offers a wide selection of straight canes of the highest quality from reputable brands like NOVA, Mckesson, Carex, Essential Medical, and Drive Medical.

Types of Canes

Adjustable Canes

Users of all heights can use adjustable canes because of their changeable height. These canes are available in many different designs and may include curved handles, wrist bands, all-terrain tips, umbrella styles, and much more.

Folding Canes

Folding canes are simple to store when not in use. For simplicity, the majority of canes fold in three. A few unique varieties of folding canes can also be used as seats before folding back into walking canes. These canes are beneficial for those who lack physical strength.

Quad Canes

Quad canes give the user more stability and support. These canes have typically four short legs and tips. To effectively meet the needs for support, one should use a quad cane against the weaker leg.

Standard Canes

These are standard canes with a predetermined height. Older people use standard canes as support. These canes are constructed of wood, aluminum, acrylic, and other materials and are available in a variety of designs. Moreover, there are also decorative canes and foldable blind canes available.

Bariatric Canes

Compared to regular canes, bariatric canes are more stable. For greater stability and endurance, these canes have extra legs or tips that are wider than usual. There is the usage of strong metals and alloys in the construction of bariatric canes for increased strength.

Seat Canes

Seat canes include foldable seats for people who frequently become fatigued and cannot walk far distances. The needs of the users will determine whether a seat is soft or hard.

A large selection of canes, including bariatric canes, folding canes, quad canes, regular canes, and many more, are available for purchase. So, pick the option that best meets your needs right now! Purchase canes from leading manufacturers like NOVA, Mckesson, Carex, Essential Medical Supply, and Drive Medical that match your preferences and needs.