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It may be challenging or impossible for those with certain medical conditions and mobility issues to get on and off a normal toilet seat. A simple and inexpensive solution is to install raised toilet seat or elevated toilet seat. A raised toilet seat is an addition to an existing toilet that raises the seat height to a more comfortable level, either beneath or above the lid. And it’s much less expensive than buying a new toilet.

By lowering the chance of falls, this little and easy improvement not only increases restroom accessibility but also makes it safer. A toilet safety aid that attaches to the current toilet seat is a raised toilet seat, also refers as a toilet seat riser, elevated toilet seat, elongated raised toilet seat, or padded toilet seat.


They serve only to reduce the distance required to stand and sit when using the restroom. They are especially useful for people who have trouble bending or sitting down. Keep your current seat and lid, but increase it by 3-3/4 inches using the underseat-hinged toilet seat riser. The hinge allows you to flip the seat up and out of the way for cleaning. Also, it fastens directly to the toilet bowl for increased security.

Benefits of Raised Toilet Seats

Extra comfort

A raised toilet seat can significantly increase comfort if someone has trouble bending or sitting down. They make this movement more bearable. Also, they also make the possibility of injuries from falls less concerning. The user’s mental health may improve as a result of this tranquility.

Maintained independence

Everyone needs independence to live a good life. Additionally, asking for assistance to use the restroom can be embarrassing and demoralizing. This is made easier with raised toilet seats, which may eliminate the need for help when using the restroom. Consequently, independence and a higher standard of living are provided.

Decrease chance of injuries and falls

People who have trouble sitting, bending, or maintaining their balance are more likely to fall and get hurt. Raised toilet seats make it easier to sit down, which reduces the risk of falling.


The majority of raised toilet seats match the existing toilet and are off-white in color. Additionally, they blend in with the toilet’s design so that they do not stand out. This enables them to match the rest of the bathroom and blend in with the current toilet.

Simple to set up and clean

Raised toilet seats are simple to clean and install. They either mount using the toilet’s existing bolts, using built-in clamps or by simply attaching to the toilet itself without the use of any equipment. Additionally, they comprise plastic that is simple to clean, making them hygienic.

When traveling, can be useful

When it comes to providing older people with toilet assistance, portable toilet seat risers offer convenience and peace of mind. It can be difficult for the elderly to use regular toilet seats. Any toilet can be equipped with portable raised toilet seats, which greatly simplify traveling.