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For those with disabilities or limited mobility, it can be challenging to independently go to the restroom, especially late at night. They may struggle to make it to the restroom in time, be in too much pain to walk, or even be in danger of falling while doing so. A safer substitute that enables individuals to use the restroom on their own while maintaining their freedom and dignity is a bedside commode. Larger users often benefit more from elongated seats of commodes. Because they can provide more comfort and support.



A portable, non-flushing toilet refers to as a commode chair or a bedside commode. Because of its portability, you may set it up in a bedroom or somewhere nearby whenever necessary, saving the user the trip to the restroom. A commode chair typically consists of a toilet seat with a bucket beneath it and a light frame with armrests. These medical toilets are constructed with materials designed for secure and comfortable excretion. They come with a ton of amenities, like reclining seats, and comfortable, and irritant-free seating that assist those with mobility challenges.

They are available in various heights, widths, and levels of portability. Medical commodes are available in two different styles. These include classic models that you can permanently install in bathrooms and commode chairs that you can move around as needed. Discover a large selection of toilets from popular brands like Drive, Carex, Medline, McKesson, etc.

Types of Commodes

Bedside commode

This kind of commode is portable and has a detachable bucket and top. So that you may use it in the bedroom and other places.

Drop Arm Commode

Armrests on drop arm commodes can be folded down to make getting on and off the toilet simpler. As the drop arm function can be helpful to someone with limited movement, many commodes have it.

Padded Commode

Commodes with padding make the seat and, occasionally, the armrests more comfortable, easing pressure and pain when in use. Those who are thinner or more prone to skin rips and pressure sores may benefit greatly from this added comfort. Standard toilets may appear to be easier to clean. But padded toilets comprise non-absorbent materials, making it simple to wipe down the seat.

Bariatric Commode

Heavy-duty components that are safe for individuals over 500 pounds are used to make bariatric commodes. Additionally, they could have broader frames and seats for less constrictive and all-around more comfortable seating.

Accessories Used with Commode

Commode liners

Commode bags, also known as bedside commode liners, are containers that fit within the commode bucket. This greatly simplifies and improves the cleanliness of trash disposal and cleanup. It enables you to quickly remove the bag from the bucket, seal it, and discard it. To help avoid and lessen waste odors, some toilet paper liners may additionally include a deodorizing chemical.

Commode Bucket

While the majority of commodes will come with a bucket, you will eventually want to buy a replacement to keep the commode’s use hygienic. Some replacement buckets can have a handle for lifting and a cover to stop trash from spilling.

Splash Guard

By keeping waste from splashing outside of the toilet, splash guards help prevent messes. If your commode does not come with a splash guard and you want to use it over the toilet, you may want to think about getting one separately.

Raised toilet seat

A raised toilet seat can be used in conjunction with a 3-in-1 commode that is put over the toilet. Simply raise the commode frame to the appropriate height over the standard toilet height. These toilets typically have a splash guard that you can use in place of the toilet bucket. Splash guards function similarly to buckets without a bottom in that they let waste enter the toilet while preventing a mess between the toilet and commode.

Toilet safety frame

A 3-in-1 commode can serve as a toilet safety frame in addition to its standard purpose when you remove the bucket and lid and positioned it over the toilet. By doing this, you can utilize the armrests on the commode frame as support rails to help you get on and off the toilet.

Durable Commode