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A shower bench that aids in transferring people into and out of bathtubs refers to as bathtub transfer benches. The benches frequently have four legs, two of which remain outside the bathtub, an armrest, a backrest, and a wide seat. They are usually put inside bathtubs. Similar to a shower chair, these benches have an expanded seat that makes it easier to get in and out of the tub.

Bathing is a requirement, but for someone with an injury or limited mobility, it can frequently be one of the riskier duties. Bathtub transfer benches make it easier to go over the tub’s edge. Also, it reduces the risk of serious accidents from bathroom falls. They are an excellent alternative for people who may not be able to install or use a shower tub permanently.


Best Bathtub Transfer Benches

Heavy-duty bathtub transfer bench

The bathtub transfer bench has a molded seat and a sturdy, long-lasting aluminum frame. You can choose bathtub transfer benches from well-renowned brands such as Nova, Rose healthcare, McKesson Drive, etc. All four legs have suction-cup tips to provide stability and safety. You can easily adjust the seat to suit your preference because the legs are also adjustable. This bench is quick and simple to put together, is available in white, and includes drainage holes on the seat. Suction-cup tips and ten levels of seat height adjustment make for a secure and adaptable bench.

Shower transfer bench

The best shower transfer bench from Carex manufacture is composed of aluminum and sturdy plastic. The legs are flared for stability and extension, allowing for a 16 to 20-inch seat height adjustment. Reversible backrests make it simple to enter from the left or right side. A textured, non-slip surface covers the ergonomic backrest as well as the seat. The feet flared design helps to increase stability while bathing. To avoid slipping, the bench’s feet include a non-slip rubber grip.

Padded commode transfer bench

Some padded commode transfer bench has a hole at the end that rests over the bathtub. When someone needs to use the restroom but has problems getting to the toilet, they can use a commode. For someone who is unable to stand on their own or comfortably sit in the tub, they can use it as a bath seat. In order to make the transition from the bench to the tub and back again after taking a bath easier for the user, many transfer benches incorporate a grab bar on one end.

You should first evaluate the size of the bathroom and the style and shape of your bathtub before deciding which type of bathtub transfer bench is best for your needs. For elderly people with limited movement or those recovering from an injury, a bathtub transfer bench is helpful. Often, the shower bench will provide the user with a feeling of independence. Also, this makes it simpler for them to enter the bathtub on their own.