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Bathroom grab bars provide assistance and accessibility in bathrooms. These come with setups made for toilets, showers, tubs, and other places in standard and bespoke sizes. So, shop for grab bars made of chrome, steel, & powder-coated that are durable and resistant to moisture in houses. Moreover, these grasp bars comprise strong, long-lasting material and are waterproof. Grab bars and safety rails from popular brands like Mckesson, Carex, Drive, Nova, etc. are available at Riteway Medical for you in a variety of styles.


Types of Grab Bars

Wall grab bar

A wall grab bar adds an extra layer of security whether bathing or using the bathroom. Also, they are incredibly durable and simple to clean. Depending on the demands of the user, wall grab bars like theWhite Powder Coated Grab Bar can be mounted either vertically or horizontally. Additionally, they make life simpler, encourage fall avoidance, and fit in effortlessly with any bathroom design.

Bathtub grab bar

Bathtub grab bars enable users to enter and exit the tub safely by locking it to the edge of the tub. For elderly people who have arthritis or other mobility issues, this grip bar is a useful tool. Moreover, these are useful to support those with disabilities. With a mounting clamp, this bathroom safety rail is simple to install and fits the majority of bathtubs. Additionally, it has a straightforward and elegant style that makes it a beautiful yet useful fixture for any bathroom.

Knurled grab bar

Knurled grab bar provides more stability and safety. They look nice and are simple to clean. It is formed of reliable steel that has been chrome-plated. Also, it has a rotating ring for simple installation. It may be mounted either vertically or horizontally. Moreover, it has a no-slip grip due to the knurled grab bar’s diameter.

Suction cup grab bar

The suction cup grab bar’s enormous suction cups offer an incredibly powerful hold. Also, its suction pads are made specifically to stick to any smooth, non-porous surface. Shower grab bars have a color indicator that lets you know if the installation was safe and secure or if you need to re-affix the grab bars.

Curved grab bar

Utilizing four hand grips at four different heights, the curve grab bar is a space-saving support rail. Thus, this enables users to get up from a sitting position in the bathroom with ease.


  • Provides support when bathing
  • Decreases the chance of falling and guards against injuries
  • Helps reduce standing fatigue
  • Strong and long-lasting shower safety bars
  • Provides protection on slippery surfaces

Who Needs Grab Bars in the Bathroom?

It is advisable to use grab bars and safety rails for:

  • People with weakened muscles
  • Recuperating surgical patients
  • Those in need of assistance
  • People with arthritis and those who have balance problems

Grab bars and safety rails are available from a wide range of brands at, all of which are experts in producing these equipments. Browse a wide selection of products to find the ones that best meet your needs.

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