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One of the main places where falls occur is in the shower. For seniors and other people with mobility challenges, shower chairs offer additional stability. For those who struggle with balance, strength, or mobility, falling is a significant concern. The potentially slippery bathroom environment increases that risk. Through the provision of a sturdy and secure in-shower platform to sit on and take a bath without the danger of falling in the shower. Because shower benches make showering safer for people with mobility issues and allow them to maintain independence and dignity while bathing.


Shower benches also refer to as tub chairs, shower seats, shower chairs, & bath stools are water-resistant seating options. These fit inside a shower or tub to give people who have trouble standing in the shower a safe seat. So they can bathe comfortably and with confidence.

Types of Bath & Shower Benches

Every bath & shower bench or chair is made to assist customers to maintain the highest level of independence while lowering the danger of a restroom fall. There are a variety of shower seats to pick from, though, due to the various sizes, shapes, and mobility levels of people (and bathrooms).

Bath Bench with back

A bath bench with back gives the user more stability. This offers a more supportive alternative to a backless seat. Also, it prevents the person in the shower from toppling over backward. Additionally, removable arm supports and a grasp handle on the backrest are frequently included with this style of the shower seat. In general, anyone should use a backless bath bench.

Bath bench without back

A bath bench without a back will do best for those who do not want as much support and just need a seat. Shower seats without backrests are easier to maneuver and offer a more open bathroom setting.

Bath stool

As bath stools are smaller seating options for showers, they fit nicely but are also narrower and lack backrests. Swiveling is a common feature of a shower stool. This can make it simpler to position oneself for a secure transfer into and out of the bathtub.

Shower bench with arms

Shower benches with arms make it easy to hang items like washcloths. Also, these provide leverage and positioning support during transfers. They typically feature the option to remove the arms if the user is hindered in any manner.

Side handles

For convenient access, while bathing, side handles also offer a little area to hang washcloths. Moreover, they also offer a place to hold without the height and weight of armrests.


When you travel and need to bring a shower seat or bath bench with you or want to store it out of the way when not in use, portability is a useful feature. When a shower is shared by multiple people and a chair needs to be moved out of the way before being reinserted into the shower or tub, this is extremely useful.

Bariatric weight capacity

A typical bath bench may support persons weighing up to 300 pounds. Although bariatric bath bench typically has a weight capacity of 500 to 600 pounds, they may support persons up to 900 pounds.

Different users require various amounts of assistance. There are many alternatives for support to give a user a safe and secure bathing experience. These include armrests, handholds, footrests, and straps that keep a person appropriately positioned.