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Help the elderly and anyone with mobility challenges to live an independent lifestyle without worrying about accidents or falls with bath safety equipment from We offer bathroom safety solutions, like grab bars, shower chairs/ shower benches, raised toilet seats, folding shower seats, bath chairs for seniors, and much more to make everyone feel secure in their own homes for years to come. Additionally, style should not be sacrificed for safety. Choose bath safety goods that complement your intended decor’s colors, styles, and finishes.


Bathroom Safety Equipment


A portable, non-flushing toilet refers to as a commode chair or a bedside commode. Because of its portability, it may be set up in a bedroom or somewhere nearby whenever necessary, saving the user the trip to the restroom. A commode chair typically consists of a toilet seat with a bucket beneath it and a light frame with armrests. Furthermore, they come with a ton of amenities, like reclining seats, and comfortable, and irritant-free seating that assist those with mobility challenges.

Grab bars

It can be challenging and perhaps unsafe to enter and exit the shower or bathtub. You may make the space safer and cozier by including a few bath safety features. Start by strategically placing grab bars in the shower, bathtub, and bathroom. They can provide the ideal amount of support and aid in maintaining balance. Bathroom grab bars can be positioned horizontally, vertically, or even diagonally. Most only require a few simple tools to install. For simple installation, we also provide grab bars without drilling.

Bathtub transfer bench

A shower bench that aids in transferring people into and out of bathtubs refers to as a bathtub transfer bench. The benches frequently have four legs, two of which remain outside the bathtub, an armrest, a backrest, and a wide seat. Moreover, you can also put them inside bathtubs. Similar to a shower chair, these benches have an expanded seat that makes it easier to get in and out of the tub. They are an excellent alternative for people who may not be able to install or use a shower tub permanently.

Shower chair

Consider using a shower chair if standing up in the shower is difficult for you. Roll the chair inside the shower cubicle. Then lock the wheels to allow you to stay seated comfortably and safely while having a shower. This is how shower benches/shower chairs with wheels work. A shower chair is an additional choice to think about. These shower seats come with foldable and bariatric versions. Install a handheld shower head or adjustable shower head for easier access to the shower while remaining seated. The convenience and ease of taking a shower can significantly improve with this modest, straightforward improvement.

Raised toilet seat

A raised toilet seat can be used in conjunction with a 3-in-1 commode that is put over the toilet. Simply raise the commode frame to the appropriate height over the standard toilet height. Furthermore, these toilets typically have a splash guard that you can in place of the toilet bucket. Splash guards function similarly to buckets without a bottom in that they let waste enter the toilet while preventing a mess between the toilet and commode.

Select accessible or elevated toilet seat. Depending on your particular demands, you can find round elevated toilet seats or elongated toilet seats. Also, you can find toilet seats of 2 to 4 inches of lift. Moreover, they are simpler to remove and clean when not in use. Think about installing an essential padded toilet seat cushion for maximum comfort.

With bathroom safety equipment from, you can provide yourself or those you care for with a bathroom that is more cozy, secure, and fashionable. We have everything you need to keep your bathroom safe, from toilet seat cushions and commodes to transfer benches and bath safety rails.