RiteWay Medical is a supplier of medical equipment, medical office supplies, and home health supplies to consumers, medical providers and healthcare facilities.

RiteWay Medical has a team of professionals who are committed to provide the best possible medical supply solutions to you.
RiteWay Medical intent to provide excellent customer service. You can place order via online or by calling or visiting our store.

We are continuously improving and expanding our services, and our mission is to provide the medical supplies to all the needy consumers with quality products at affordable prices.

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Stock Quality Products

We believe Quality and Cost are linked together in real perspective, some says quality and cost are positively related. Another says that quality and cost is inversely related, means when quality is improved, it reduces product costs.


Quality Basics
  • Performance in primary operations or functionality
  • Features extra to enhance appeal
  • Reliability within a specific time period
  • Conformance to product design and specifications
  • Durability until product’s life
  • Serviceability with ease of obtaining repair service
  • Aesthetics refers to product looks, feels,  and sounds etc.
  • Perceived Quality in terms of reputation of product
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Deliver Happiness

Ultimately, happiness is what everyone is looking for in life, and at RiteWay Medical, we deliver successfully by finding ways to make customersand suppliers happy. We achieve through extraordinary customer service.


Happiness Basics 
  • Be true to yourself. Live with passion and purpose.
  • Think, say, and do in harmony and in consideration of others.
  • Communicate with honesty and respect.
  • Have fun & think full. 
  • Inspire & be inspired.
  • Be humble, be grateful.
  • Build community and meaningful relationships.
  • Keep your heart & mind open plus aligned. Keep growing and learning.
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